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Andrea Fiorino - Mastermix #392 (The Best Of 2014)

Andrea Fiorino - Mastermix #392 (The Best Of 2014)
Aktuální díl pořadu Andrea Fiorino Mastermix vysílaného více než třiceti rádii. Další info na:


  • Praxis feat. Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Staffan Thorsell Remix) (Cutting)
  • Luca Debonaire & Corrado Rizza - All My Lovin (Clubmix) (Let's Play Music)
  • AM2PM - My Feelin' (Unique2Rhythm Remix) (Unique2Rhythm)
  • Basspin feat. Dyanna Fearon - One To Watch (Grant Nelson Dub) (Beatdown)
  • Random Soul feat. Inaya Day - Sweet Obsession (Random Soul)
  • Soulmagic feat. J-Sun - I Wonder (Soulmagic)
  • Joe Smooth feat. Swaylo - Let The Music Play (Shane D Remix) (S&S)
  • DJ Able feat. Donald Sheffey - Whatcha Gonna Do (Soul Heaven)
  • Mode Nine feat. Damon Trueitt - Hurt My Soul (Grant Nelson Remix) (Deep 8)
  • Paggi & Costanzi feat. Roland Clark - A House Thing (Micky More & Andy Tee Deep Mix) (GrooveJet)
  • Boy Orlando - Kissin & Huggin (Playmore)
  • Dave Mayer - Thinking Of You (Taste The Music)
  • Shane D - For The Headz (Stereo Flava)
  • Purple Disco Machine - Need Someone (Full Intention Remix) (Sex Panda White)
  • Andhim - Melte (Monaberry)
  • Deeplomatik - Next Drop (Salted)
  • Chasing Kurt - From The Inside (Lovebirds Piano Forte Mix) (Defected)
  • ODahl feat. Frank H. Carter III - Your Love (Pole Position)

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